Membership Types

Membership of the society is open to all archers who are keen to shoot longbows of the profile of those found on the HMS Mary Rose. Archers are welcome to join under different membership categories, full shooting member or non shooting associate.

Full membership

Full membership of the EWBS is offered in the three categories below, membership comes complete with insurance for the year ending May 2014 which covers you for all EWBS events. Please note: Insurance policies provided by other archery organisations will not cover you at EWBS events.

Full membership is divided into three categories:
Junior for those up to the age 16.
Senior members are all adults between the ages of 16 and 60.
Veteran is for those aged over 61.


Associate membership is open to those archers wanting to join the Society but are unable to attend shoots. As such, Associate members do not need to provide their own insurance.
Associate members can become Full members at any time provided they meet the restrictions of Full membership.
Associate members will receive all the additional benefits available to Full members.

Shoot Rules

All shoots are conducted under the EWBS rules of shooting. It is a condition of membership that members accept and abide by these simple conditions. You can view the Shoot Rules by clicking here.

Download the application form here:


If you have any enquiries please contact the membership secretary, Dave Weller.