The Black Prince Shoot 2011

Flight Shoot Results
Mary Rose Bows Meane Wood Bows Non-historical Bows
Society Livery Arrow    
Glennan Carnie 130lb@34" 254yds
Mark Stretton 230yds
Scott Young 212yds
Dave Weller 115@32" 158yds
  Chris Morris 130@32" 216yds
Dave Weller 120@32" 176 yds

Standard Arrow    
Ian Coote 105@32" (Italian Yew) 272yds
Mark Stretton 262yds
Glennan Carnie 130lb@34" 256yds
Scott Young 246yds
Steve Stratton 127@32" (US yew) 236yds
Steve Stratton 105@32" (Italian Yew) 226yds Dave Weller 115@32" 186yds

Christine Carnie (ladies) 158yds

Ben Stratton (juniors) English yew 126yds
Ian Sturgess 140@32" (ash) 210yds

Joe Gibbs 170lb Wych Elm (Taralrud/Gibbs) 288yds ***

Chris Morris 130@32" 248yds
Matt Nixon (bow unknown) 230yds
Dave Weller 120@32" 198yds
Ross Would 110@32" 180yds

Liam Symonds (juniors) 50lb Laminate 134yds

Michelle Barlow (ladies) 78@32" 154yds (Klomp/Stratton)

1/4 lb Arrow    
Mark Stretton 190yds
Joe Gibbs 196yds
  Chris Morris 130@32" 180yds1
Flight Arrow    
Charly Stratton (juniors) 36lb Italian yew 96yds

  John Wharton 55lb Laminate 236yds

Michelle Barlow (ladies) 78@32" 198yds (klomp / Stratton)

Christine Carnie (Ladies) 50lb/28" laminate 198yds (Stratton)

Josh Symonds (Juniors) 50lb/28" 180yds (Stratton)
Welsh Class
Archer Arrow 1 / 2 Bow Specification / Bowyer Bow Nocks / String Arrows
Steve Stratton   216 yds 98lb @ 32in Wytch elm / Stratton Removable side / ? Pine / grey goose
Mark Stretton   250 yds 1 105lb @ 32in Italian yew / Stratton Victorian / ? Pine / grey goose
Joe Gibbs   234 yds *** 99lb @ 32in Heat-treated Ash / Gibbs Self / ? Pine / grey goose
1Discounted: fletchings trimmed
1 Bench Mark
* Establishes a Society Record
** Equals a Society Record
*** Sets a New Society Record

Mark Stretton takes the benchmark Welsh Class shot