1. Equipment

Members can shoot up to a maximum of two separate bow classes in any society record status flight shoot.
An archer may only shoot one bow from each bow category.
The bows are designated an archer's Primary and Secondary bows.
Before the shoot the archer must inform the Shoot Organiser:

- The category of their Primary bow and the arrow class(es) they will be shooting from it.
- The category of their Secondary bow and the arrow class(es) they will be shooting from it.

If the archer fails to record their bow class / arrow categories before the shoot their distances will not be recorded.

The archer may shoot up to two arrows in each arrow category - that is, Livery, Standard, Flight and Quarter-Pound.
The archer may shoot the same arrows in each bow category. For example, the archer may shoot two Livery arrows in the MR class and then the same two Livery arrows in the Meane class.
The archer must mark all their arrows with their initials or some other suitable means of identification.
Archers must submit their arrows to the Shoot Organiser prior to the beginning of the shoot. The arrows will be held by the shoot organiser/scrutineer in an appropriate container until they are to be shot.
The archer may take no other arrows to the shooting line.
All arrows used in the shoot must be scrutinised. This may be done either before or after the shoot, at the discretion of the Shoot Organiser.
Unmarked arrows, or arrows that do not comply with their class specification, may not be shot and their distances will not be recorded.

The flight shoot will be in two rounds:
Round 1. Ladies and Juniors (premier bow) & Gents (secondary bow): Livery, Standard and 1/4lb
Round 2. Gents (premier bow), Ladies and Juniors (secondary bow): Livery, Standard and 1/4lb

a) Only the arrows to be shot must be taken forward to the shooting line
b) If additional arrows are inadvertently shot the shortest arrow scores
c) All the shooting equipment must be available for scrutiny
d) Only arrows that have been scrutinised at that event are eligible
   to be shot. Shoot organisers should put to one side any arrows that
   fail to meet the EWBS specifications.
e) The arrow nock reinforcement should preferably be made of horn
f) No belly wedges or devices to overdraw an arrow are allowed
g) There is no upper draw weight limit for juniors. It is the responsibility
   of their parent / guardian to ensure that they are able to draw the bow
   without risk of injury.   

2. Shooting ground and measurement

a) The distance is to be measured at right angles to a centre-line
   down the flight corridor
b) The flight corridor should be marked at a minimum of 50 yard
   intervals and ideally be largely flat and free from obstructions
c) A marked shooting line must be visible
d) The flight corridor should allow the current record + 50 yards of
   overshoot for whatever arrows are to be shot and have safe flank
   margins either side
e) Care should be taken to avoid shooting into unsighted ground
f) Weather conditions and distances shall be recorded and posted by
   the shoot organiser
g) Only one flight shoot per event is to be held

3. Technique

a) No release aids or thumb rings are to be used but tabs and gloves
   are acceptable.
b) All shots must be off the fingers and taken from a standing position
c) Both feet must be behind the shooting line when the shot is taken
Flight Shooting Rules