EWBS Archers code of conduct


·Never point a bow and arrow at another person
·Never shoot an arrow at a vertical or near vertical trajectory. You do not know where it will land
·Spectators must always stand well behind shooting archers
·Check your equipment before shooting to ensure it is in serviceable condition
·Check your arrow for any damage before shooting it, especially if you have hit something hard. If it is damaged do not shoot it as it may break upon release
·If you accidentally damage another archer’s equipment offer to pay for it immediately
·As with all outdoor activities, wear appropriate clothing and footwear for the terrain and weather
·An adult must supervise children at all times

Field Shooting

·Always stay on the marked path and only travel in the direction that the targets are laid out in. Going any other way could place you in the line of shooting
·If you are looking for a lost arrow behind a target, always leave your bow leaning against the face of the target so that the next group of archers will see it. Ideally have an archer from your group stand by that shot’s shooting peg to warn others it is not safe to shoot
·When pulling arrows from a target make sure no one is standing close behind you
·Use arrowheads that will not cause undue damage to the targets.
·Whilst not compulsory, wearing bright colours helps others see you and is a good precaution

Flight, Roving, Clout and Hoyles

·Never shoot over anyone’s head
·If you see someone or something straying into a dangerous position call out to stop the shooting, traditionally by calling “Hold fast” or “Fast”.  This should be repeated by other archers to ensure that all hear the command
·Wait for verbal approval from the Captain of the Marks before starting to shoot
·Always wait for the instruction from the Captain of the Marks before going toward the mark or prick to retrieve your arrows
·Leave others on the shooting line enough space to shoot
·When you have finished shooting retire from the shooting line
·Be careful when retrieving your arrows, as it is easy to step on those of others, especially with flatter shots
·Roving marks are set out for war arrows so barrelled flight shafts must not be used without prior permission from the Captain of the Marks
General Shoot Rules