Making a Heavy Whitewood Longbow

by Jaro Petrina Altough there are numerous written accounts on the procurement and usage of non-yew bows in medieval england – no original examples exist today. We do not know if the shape and dimensions of such a bow differed from the yew bow, to utilise the best properties of the wood, and neither do […]

EWBS Tudor Livery Arrow

The Shaft Although many types of wood where employed to make MR arrow shafts, aspen or poplar were the most common (much to Ascham’s chagrin as he preferred ash for war arrows). Therefore, poplar was used for the exemplar. However, a variety of indigenous hardwoods were obviously acceptable, as shown by the wide range found […]

Blunt Arrowheads in Medieval Archery

There is no doubt that archery was big during medieval times. It was used in hunting, war, and as a recreational activity. When it comes to medieval archery, several topics always seem to stir a discussion. One of them is the use of blunts. While everyone agrees that blunt arrowheads were used, the question is […]

The EWBS Quarter Pound Arrow

Construction and specifications, by Jeremy Spencer The EWBS Quarter Pound Arrow is a representation of a heavy military arrow used to penetrate armour. It is similar to those that were shot during the Hundred Years War. Minimum weight 1/4lb (113.4g) Nock: A horn reinforced self-nock (reinforcement approximately 2”). A slot depth of around ¼” is […]

The English Warbow

Archery was prevalent in the Middle Ages. And the archers back then had insane skills. There are reports that a skilled longbowman could fire 10 to 12 arrows per minute, for 3 to 5 minutes straight. Can you believe that?  It took a lot of training to achieve this level of expertise though. One of […]

What was the ‘Standard Arrow’?

Back in the day, the longbow was a serious war and hunting weapon. Some people have even described the English longbow as the “machine gun of the medieval era”. The draw weight ranged from 80 pounds to as high as 150 pounds. A powerful bow like that needed a heavy arrow—like the Standard Arrow. The […]