The EWBS Quarter Pound Arrow

Construction and specifications, by Jeremy Spencer

The EWBS Quarter Pound Arrow is a representation of a heavy military arrow used to penetrate armour. It is similar to those that were shot during the Hundred Years War.

Minimum weight 1/4lb (113.4g)


A horn reinforced self-nock (reinforcement approximately 2”). A slot depth of around ¼” is suggested.
The nock does not need to be further reinforced with bindings but this may be advisable for longevity and safety.


Any indigenous hard wood is acceptable but the denser woods like oak, ash or birch may be needed to make the weight. Either a torpedo or bob-tailed shaft profile is acceptable.
Minimum shaft diameter at the shoulder 1/2”
Minimum shaft diameter at the nock 3/8”
Minimum Shaft length (bottom of nock to shoulder) 30 ½”


Fletchings must be cut in a triangular pattern with a trailing rear edge as nature intended.
The fletchings may be bound on but this is not required.
Minimum length 7 3/8”
Minimum height 5/8”


A heavy hand forged plate-cutting bodkin must be used.